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Switching From A Centralized Network to a Decentralized Application


What is DApps?

Decentralized application (DApp) is an application on a Peer To Peer network of computers, different from a centralized server. DApp is developed on a blockchain that makes it reliable and secure. The software program is designed on the Internet where accord is the control rather than an indivisible entity.

Coinsource D App Development Service

We provide a command-line interface tool to manage the lifecycle of the blockchain and manage the database of people in the blockchain ecosystem. We extend a workflow to heighten the performance of the blockchain with the help of smart contracts. With Coinsource, you can have the best Decentralized Applications with the following features :
  • Secured collaborations
  • Cut in operational costsg
  • Seamless management of vendors and claims management with a fraudulent check
  • Document tracking in a variety of content addressable storage mechanisms
  • Mild linkage of rights & responsibilities to particular contract suites, whenever needed

Ethereum DApps Development

Coinsource is Dapps Development company with Ethereum and customized blockchain solutions with extremely programmable & multifunctional platforms to assist customization by making smart contracts. It also gives peer-to-peer transparency, reliable code, and higher elasticity.


We have the high-grade ethereum Dapp Developers who build applications with the following features :

  • Immutability of data
  • No data tampering by any third party
  • Higher resistance to the security breach due to decentralization
  • Nil downtime
  • Applications cannot be turned off

Customized Blockchain

For organizations that manage digital assets, operating on your own distributed ledger is more suited It helps you support & build applications based on smart contract-based software development kits (SDKs) to suit the business requirements, thereby accelerating the time to market. It also aids in resolving the problem of gas prices, changes in protocol and network congestions. We at Coinsource ensure that you get the sound smart contract development solution, always!

Benefits of Customized Blockchain

We have the high-grade ethereum Dapp Developers who build applications with the following features :

  • Quicker & instant transactions
  • No mining fees
  • Secured technology with digital signatures
  • Multi-levels of control
  • Aids anonymous participants
  • Assigns pseudonyms rather of using base-58 addresses
  • Administrator-approved participants (a closed-loop ledger)
  • Approved users enjoy more privileges than anonymous ones
  • Secured
  • Enables you to set permissions at any level
  • No loss to the end users, in case of private keys theft


Open Source

The DApp is governed by liberty and the changes must be decided through consent or majority of the users. The open-source code will welcome inspection and therefore improve the features of DApps. Developers and practitioners round-the-globe can create open source community projects.


The records are collected on a public and distributed ledger that is unhackable and immutable. DApps work on a cryptographic network, without a central server. This means that all nodes are substantially equal and open to all participating nodes of the DApp.


The DApp will provide an incentive-based system that rewards participation of network nodes in the DApp. The ones who validate these blockchains must be incentivized with crypto-tokens in terms of local tokens. Crypto-tokens that are native or non-native can be used for in-app buying.

Consensus Mechanism

Every judgment in the DApp is subject to a protocol which is implemented as a cryptographic hashing protocol; Proof of Stake and Proof of work. Since DApp is independent, these protocols support obtain consensus. The decision making and governance are based on the consensus mechanism of the DApp, entirely.

Our Block-chain Smart Contract Development Process

Launching your Token

The idea for the provision of the token must be defined in terms of core functionality, network access, and profit division mechanism. The AML, GDPR and KYC compliances must be rigorously followed for the token or coin to be considered secure.


The commissions from every prosperous auction will prove to be a successful revenue model. The right amount of charges must be charged to your users, as the users might be filched by a competitor who has lower fees.


Freemium services are DApps that will get a free and a premium version. Users can run the DApps at the premium level and leap efforts to level up in a game or close an advertisement. These are focused on people who would pay a premium for comfort.


The DApp membership will be subscription-based services. These can be either Usage-Based or Time-based. Appending functionalities to smart contracts provide paid members to have additional functions.


You will be able to offer some slots in the smart contract for companie to advertise. These will be described by “Pixels” in the front end of your DApps. Organizations can use the pixels in order to advertise their brand.


You can request donations from liberal users for the updates and maintenance of the DApp. These donations can be utilized for the implementations of new features and upgrades in the DApps. This will allow the DApp to be up to date at all points.